Tips for Maintaining A Hot Tub

The Right Ways To Maintain a Hot Tub

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How to Maintain Your Jacuzzi

Enjoying your own private jacuzzi is of course something which millions of people desire to do if we don’t already. Though it is something that will offer you many years of calming and relaxing leisure it is also a thing that will involve a little work to care for.

The simple fact is, regardless of the model of hot tub or spa you purchase you will almost certainly eventually find it necessary to clean it.

This is really a fairly easy undertaking even so I wanted to give you a little information about the 5 most common tings to do when cleaning your hot tubs so that you will have absolutely no problems doing this on your own.

To completely clean your spa with any modicum of success, it must be empty. Having said that, there’s one stage which calls for there to be water in the hot tub.

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Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Given that as time passes the unit’s pipes conduits can easily accumulate buildup, it’s important to administer a product which flushes the lines. Not so uniquely known as line flushes, these kinds of products are easily available for purchase via the internet or at any local pool supply shop.

Each of the products get the job done a little differently, even so most often, line flushes are added in, in a given amount, to a hot tub when running. Then, after the recommended length of time has passed, drain out the hot tub as outlined by the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Be ready for a shocking amount of gunk to come out! In the future, add line flush regularly to minimize accumulation.

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Spray Down Your Hot Tub

With the jacuzzi empty, proceed to spray down the inner surface walls with a spa cleaning product. Remember that a large number of your household cleaners, for example Windex and Soft Scrub, often can be utilised as a replacement. However to be on the safe side, you should always check what the manufacturer has to say about using an all-purpose cleaner.

After spraying, wipe down the spa with a towel, thereby getting rid of the cleaner residue that, left in place, might later on cause the water to foam. Clean the jacuzzi cover the same exact way, wiping it down with a towel when complete.

Exchange or Clean Your Jacuzzi Filters

Next, pull out the spa filters. Being made to do away with dirt and grit from the water, these kinds of filters quickly collect dirt. If yours are pretty new, simply just squirt them down with a yard hose, go over them with spa cleaner, and rinse out. For individuals who haven’t changed the filters in a year, change them.

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Fill Your Jacuzzi

It’s time to fill up the jacuzzi. Your manufacturer’s information could quite possibly suggest otherwise, however with the vast majority of types, it’s a matter of putting a hose into the filtration system well. When filled, start up the spa and add the chemicals which usually constitute your regular water treatment program. Lastly, cover your clean spa and allow time for the water to stabilize over the next twelve hrs or so.

Add Jacuzzi Chemicals

Having allowed the right amount of time to elapse, get back to the spa and test out its chlorine level. Ideally, there would be between 1ppm and 3ppm of free chlorine (or bromine, depending on your choice). On the other hand, the pH should be ranging from 7.2 to 7.8. Put in chemicals as needed to adjust.

Hopefully this list of 5 steps to clean your hot tub make it easier for you when the time comes for you to think about maintaining your hot tub.

As you can tell, cleaning up your spa is really as easy as 1-2-3, only with a 4 and a 5 tossed in.


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